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Nutritional Supplements Guide – Discover the Best Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

Nutritional Supplements – Do You Really Need Them? Read This Important Nutritional Supplements Guide & Learn How To Stay Healthy, Happy and Vibrant

Please devote some of your precious time going through this nutritional supplements guide to suffice yourself with valuable information. We strongly believe that the page you are reading now will be one of the most important web pages you will ever read for your health and general well-being issues.

Nutritional supplements? You may think that you can live without them.

The problem with many people is they base their health on how they feel. Because you’re feeling healthy and in perfect fit now, does not necessarily imply you don’t need supplements.

When it all of a sudden strikes – a sickness, a health problem, an indication of old age, weakness – we start to go searching for a nutritional or herbal supplement to help us get out of this situation.

Nutritional deficiency is next to impossible to avoid in these modern times. With our busy way of life, the ever-tempting convenience of junk food, it’s currently extraordinarily hard to enjoy wonderful daily nutrition.

So the answer is – yes, you DO NEED nutritional supplements.

I admit that it’s hard, even for myself, to keep away from junk foods or non-fresh foods. If your way of life and work conditions stop you from having a healthy diet, then your only hope for better illness-free health is an excellent dietary supplement.

 Nutrition and Dietary Supplements

What Are the Advantages of An All-In-One Nutritional Supplement?

  • Nutritional supplements help you overcome nutritional deficiencies. We need all of the nutrient elements in their correct amounts for perfect health. Since our diets most likely can not provide each one of them, nutritional supplements can fill in those gaps.
  • Nutritional supplements also help raise our immune system. The more powerful your immune response, the more resistant your body can be against illness.
  • Nutritional supplements are also handy in shedding the poisons which we horrendously take in every day. The environmental strains we are going through, chemicals we are in contact with together with our way of life – these all subject us to damaging poisons which can cause heavy health issues. Additions, most particularly anti oxidants, can help our body keep poisons as low as possible.

“I am already taking supplements, but I hardly see any difference.”

Many of us have the same complaint. The issue that I generally see is that people don’t actually take supplements seriously. They take the one most available, or maybe the least expensive. They have a belief in all of these extraordinary claims from sites and finish up getting bad quality products.

To make use of what diet supplements can offer, you need to select the right health supplement to take. It is just by taking your decision seriously will you be in a position to live a fuller, and better life. Therefore choose wisely from this point on.

How To Choose The Best Nutritional Health Supplements

The health market is flooded with so many nutritional supplements, however, not all supplements are produced with the same level of equality.

Despite of the numerous nutritional supplements on the market, such as multi vitamins, herbal supplements, and protein supplements – decision in regard to the best is quite difficult. The basic reason behind this is the fact that all these health supplements vary greatly in terms of their compositions and the ingredients used in their manufacture.

Since these nutritional supplements do not contain all the ingredients listed on the pack it poses a hindrance to their overall effectiveness.

Lack of one or more ingredient might affect its efficiency and may make it a worthless product.

This becomes a major drawback for the consumers who being unaware of the fact consume this supplement with the hope of getting required nutrition and all its benefits.

There is good news for all the readers who have been following our fitness articles diligently. You would definitely be surprised if we told you about a product that is sure to contain all essential nutrients that are sure to provide with a healthy mind and a healthy body. Some of the noticeable results of this genuine product approved by FDA are:

  • they help to boost one’s emotional well being
  • great means of enhancing the brain function and mood
  • can be very effective in increasing the body’ s immunity
  • helps to elevate one’s energy level and vitality
  • improves the skin tone and texture
  • and much much more…

Believe me although I know it is hard after you have come face to face with all the negative effects of some of the products but genuine products do exist and it only takes a wise selection. This guide is going to unfold all the truths of this genuine product which is sure to leave no doubts in your mind. If you are really concerned about your most valuable asset you ought to read this guide in its entirety.

We have noticed several important facts in our pursuit of producing a genuine product and we have faced numerous problems as well. The most important among all the problems was to actually find out the authenticity of the products. Most of the nutritional supplements do not contain the ingredients mentioned on the label and this is hard to find out. There is practically no way by which one can be assured that the product actually consists of the listed ingredients.

It is very hard to believe this potent truth of these products. If you still doubt us, don’t just take our words for it. Even FDA regards this market as highly susceptible to fake products. This is an industry wide problem.

Being currently self-policed these alternative health supplement makers make such lucid comments and claims about their products that are sure to catch everyone’s attention but certainly not for long.

We have been a victim of such fake products that mislead the consumers. The label states some other ingredients and they contain some other. These absolutely outrageous claims with respect to their efficacy are common observation in this flourishing trade of alternative health supplements.

These claims are purely marketing hype of numerous manufacturers who least consider the well being of their consumers and are true mercenaries in this field. The hype that they generate about their product surely catches people’s fancy. In order to make their own ends meet these manufacturers don’t even hesitate to deploy with the lives of millions of consumers worldwide. For some of the readers it might be a shocking truth that some of these products contain toxins that are so lethal and do more harm than good!

This has been a proven result by the known and has been clinically tested too. Most of the products have been found to consist of chemical laden ingredients that are toxic in nature and may soon deteriorate one’s health.

This guide is loaded with such information that can surely be an eye opener for you in the field of alternative health supplements and may help you tremendously the next time you intend to buy one such product. It would be of great help to you and for that you need to remain glued to this guide for some more time.

It is your right to question about the product that intends to affect your health. The questions may vary from ingredients used to even the expiry date of those ingredients. You need to clarify all doubts about the alternative health supplements you are going to buy and these considerations apply to all nutritional supplements.

Marked Differences Between Grades of Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional SupplementsBefore you make a purchase it is vital to note certain factors that are bound to show positive effects on your health.  There are few processes that can determine the purity and the authenticity of the product. These processes are namely:

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and COA (Certificate of Analysis)

A product that complies with all the guidelines of GMP is sure to be genuine since this process is among the most rigorous and stringent manufacturing standards for dietary supplements in the world. A product which receives the approval of GMP is free from any doubts regarding its authenticity and is sure to be genuine product.

The second process that further approves of its authenticity is something known as a COA (Certificate of Analysis).

This is something that all companies must be approved of to ensure the consumers of their safe and genuine products. They prove that the product actually contains all the ingredients that is printed on the label and leave no confusion in the minds of the consumer.

As we talk about the best ones, the nutritional supplements should contain a complete range of nutrients that do have in them vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs and other healthy elements. Standardized herbal extracts are the ones that should be the key ingredients of your health supplements. These are what contain the actual active ingredients of the herb, and, hence, where the true therapeutic benefit lies.

Many health supplement companies do NOT use standardized herbal extracts  and you must never compromise on this basic requirement because alternative health supplements manufactured without them are much cheaper to produce and are ineffective for the purpose they are meant for.

Do These Supplements Carry Any Side Effects?

Although most of the companies highlight only the positive features of their health supplements and never disclose their side effects, the truth is that most of these supplements come with side effects varying from mild problems to even some serious trouble. The best way to be on the safer side is to critically examine the health supplements on the basic factors described above and then make a wise selection.

A quality health supplement containing all natural ingredients ensure of its complete beneficial effects often without carrying any side effects. But the fact is a person might still face some side effects because the body metabolism of human beings greatly vary and from each other. At least obtaining a quality product does ensure that the risk if present is much lower compared to the products which are degrading in nature.

For the best possible therapeutic benefits, it is important to look in to products that are produced with the following:

  • High Synergy

Synergy, safety and effectiveness are the basic things to be ensured while different ingredients used in the health supplement should be assessed at molecular level. This comes out to be very important as when some ingredients are combined they would go along way helping create new and different substances in the body which might just have a completely different effect. For example, Total Balance, our product of choice would stimulate the liver to make CoEnzymeQ10, thus avoiding the need to purchase this important but expensive ingredient, (Unless the user is taking a statin drug).

  • The Best Delivery System

When we talk of the delivery system it means the delivery of the active ingredients of the health supplement inside our body at the proper time but this has been found to be very crucial! Without a good delivery system a supplement is rendered useless.  Most often it so happens that many supplement pass through the body with the active ingredients never being released. When the active ingredients are not released even other supplements lose their efficacy and are converted to less potent ‘salt’ forms by the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach.

Beautiful Bay of Islands, New Zealand

We have been using this awesome health product called Total Balance for 3 years,  a product of beautiful New Zealand, and we have to acknowledge its unique design how it works. There have been used two different and important techniques that make sure that the active ingredients of the product reach the liver via the blood stream so that the same could be distributed to the other various body organs and cells:

1. The active ingredients are encased using a technology known as enteric coating. This enables the active ingredients to be released in the upper intestine, thus avoiding damage to any of the nutrients.

2. Various active ingredients with larger molecular sizes are bound to selected enzymes, which upon being released in the upper intestine, break the molecules down to a smaller size. This enables easy transfer of the nutrients through the intestinal wall into the blood stream and then on to the liver.

Is the company of your choice a reputable one and has it been in the trade of health products for a long time?

Most of the companies on the market that sell vitamins are no more than middle men. They are no less than quacks and as we all know little knowledge is dangerous and the products manufactured by such men without a sound knowledge of the ingredients or other related factors might become a cause of worry for us in the long run. You can easily find out the manufacturers of such fake products. They purchase bulk raw ingredients from a wholesale distributor and have little quality control. Some companies buy supplements already packaged in an unlabeled bottle and add their own label, this is appalling to be honest, and it’s surprising these companies get away with it; After all, it’s us as consumers who are the ones that suffer.

Some even dilute the active ingredients in order to increase profits least considering the adverse effects it might have on the health of the consumers.  Random samples by consumer groups have shown that many supplements being sold do not contain what is printed on the label. Reputable companies guarantee quality, content and customer satisfaction and opting for a reputed brand is always a better choice.

We always assumed nutritional supplements and alternative health products were supposed to IMPROVE your health, not impair it?

We learned that many vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and nutrients work synergistically or can interact with one another. This it presents a vast array of problems which can be tacked by the right application of wit.

Common Problems When Purchase of Natural Health Supplements:

  • Lack of knowledge

Most consumers of health supplements understandably do not have sufficient knowledge about the ingredients. This results in wrong selection of the ingredients which either neutralize each other’s effects or end up cancelling each other’s efficiency and thereby losing out on the overall impact of the health supplements.

  • Lack of time and too many supplements.

Most of the health supplements require their frequent use and most people cannot decide on the efficiency of one product alone. Hence they need to take more than one supplement simultaneously which may become an objectionable affair to continue for prolong period. This is a common sight to see many people who start using the supplements very enthusiastically but very soon give up in mid way owing to the numerous supplements they need to take. It creates a hassle for them and also turn out to be far too expensive than what their budget can afford to buy all the different ingredients as individual products. “Cut your coat according to your cloth” is a common saying and most people sooner realize this fact.

  • Varying products available in the market

The market today is flooded with health supplements all claiming to be the best. The hype that is created about the product is sure to lure anyone but one must be sensible enough while selecting the genuine product among them.

Total Balance is the only kind of health supplements that meets all essential requisites of both GMP and COA. It is a revolution in the field of health supplements and consists of ingredients which are not just safe but free from any side effects.

What are the ingredients contained in the supplement?

It’s a common belief among people that a quality nutritional supplement containing a bunch of vitamins and minerals are the foundation for the perfect health regime. Unfortunately, many people have been misguided by the majority of hype and false claims for nutritional products as a whole.

Although Vitamins are important for our daily diet, they are very weak anti oxidants when compared to other more powerful nutrients. High doses of antioxidants are needed by us to fight off free radicals. The process of aging and diseases are vastly a cause of the free radicals and these can be kept under control to ensure a younger and youthful skin. A check on the production of free radicals also helps to keep most diseases at bay. Anti oxidants balance out the acid in our internal system and help keep free radicals under control.

Once these free radicals are controlled the chances of most health problems are minimized to a great extent. Total Balance ensures that the ingredients used are very effective antioxidants and hence help greatly in keeping our body free from numerous diseases and simultaneously provide a youthful skin free from blemishes.

Some of the Nutritional Supplements You Should Avoid Are As Follows:

• Cheap vitamin supplements from local store – They would be bought in bulk and adhere to none of the above mentioned qualities.

• Nutritional supplements that do not contain the above mentioned ingredient’s along with vitamins and minerals – This is because nutrients work together, and, if there is a lack of a a certain nutrient, the effects of the product as a whole would be rendered useless.

• Supplements that do not comply with pharmaceutical GMP compliance.

Avoid companies that do not hold a Certificate of Analysis (COA) confirming the potency of the ingredients listed.

During our research and after trying countless health supplements, our quest to find the right nutritional health supplement for ourselves has eventually been met with a product that is made by a company which is not in U.S. The manufacturing regulations for nutritional supplements is very strict (far exceeding those of the FDA) in this company and hence the product or the health supplement manufactured are much potent and trustworthy.

The product produced by this company is called Xtend-Life Natural Products. It may sound very funny but the fact is that through this genuine product the company aims at extending the life of an individual and their flagship product, called Total Balance, is just the kind of alternative health supplement we were looking for: an all in one health supplement containing around 70 powerful nutrients to restore youthful vitality and keep the body working the way it should be.

All you need to know about Total Balance

Xtend-life Total Balance1. Total Balance is a synergistic and comprehensive product formulated by scientists with absolutely top notch credentials. Unlike other health supplements it is not hyped and conceived by marketers. Each tablet of Total Balance contains the majority of the ingredients which have a very positive impact on the overall health of our body since they are natural ingredients and free from any associated health risks. To view the actual ingredients (and scientific studies associated with them) in Total Balance, click here.

Let’s analyze the factors that motivated you to remain glued to this page. The reason is very obvious. You must have typed an important ingredient and this page showed up to help you in your quest of finding the product of your choice. You would be happy to know, that Total Balance not only gives the best possible therapeutic benefits for a vast array of nutrients, the product itself contains all the nutrients needed for optimal health.

So, if you were looking for a certain benefit from a nutrient, or you were looking for something to help improve your health, then you’ve landed at the right guide at the right time because now you have the chance to really improve your overall health!

2.The most impressive feature of Total Balance is the fact that Xtend Life Natural Products adhere to pharmaceutical GMP compliance, which is among the most rigorous and stringent manufacturing standards for dietary supplements in the world.

3.To add icing to the cake and increase its effectiveness they also have a COA (Certificate of Analysis) on file for each batch of products produced. In short, this confirms the potency of the ingredients used.

4. Another extremely important point that was a major draw for us was that they used only standardized herbal extracts. These are the actual active ingredients of the herb, and, hence, here lies the true therapeutic benefit. Many companies on the market do NOT use standardized herbal extracts, because alternative health supplements manufactured without them are much cheaper to produce.

5. The next biggest concern was the price factor.

At Xtend-Life, they’ve been guaranteeing that the Total Balance provides the best value for money of any complex multi-nutrient product since 1999.

After doing a price comparison of Total Balance with other products available in the market and calculating the cost of the ingredients separately keeping the health benefits in mind along with other benefits like the potency of the product and its being approved by leading health related agencies we concluded that there was no comparison to Total Balance. The good news is that we were extremely impressed. In conclusion, Total Balance represented unbeatable value for money.

You can also compare the benefits and costs of various versions of Total Balance here.

6. Last but certainly not the least, Xtend-Life comes with the strongest money back guarantee we’ve ever come across in case of nutritional supplements: a full one year refund, no questions asked policy. Unlike most other health supplements which offer 1 month guarantee which is worthless as this time may just be consumed in transportation and leaves the customer with no option but to sit back and regret their decision of buying such an ineffective product. This Total Balance comes with full one year Money Back Guarantee.

We summarize these kinds of guarantees as pathetic and cheap means of drawing the interest of the consumers for a low grade product – knowing fine well that most people won’t be able to get the supplement back to them before the guarantee anyway.

Update: After been using Xtend-Life Total Balance (and their Energy Product) for over four years we are sure that no other product can even come close to the efficiency of Total Balance and it is worth every penny that goes in its purchase. By all means it is the best health supplement which has shown remarkable changes in our health in the last four years that we have been using this product. There has been a significant increase in energy levels, mental focus, and general feeling of well-being.

USP of Total Balance

Total Balance is the only health supplement that is bound to show positive signs in your health just within a month of its consumption and you will be delighted of having chosen the right product for your health. It is 100% safe and made from selective herbs which are cultured with great care and knowledge.

In a nut shell if you are also in the lookout for a product that is bound to show positive signs on your overall health and minimize the risks of any side effects you can just chose Total Balance without any doubt. This is one of the best alternative health supplements that would serve as the foundation of your nutritional supplement regimen. Moreover in spite of so many advantages of this healthy supplement it would never get hard on your pocket and you won’t find it difficult to adjust your budget and make any compromise with other necessities of your life. If you wish to have a closer look you can always visit their website: Xtend-Life Natural Products any time 24x7x365.

This product has only been recommended to you after years of research about the ingredients used, their potency and their overall effectiveness. We have also carried out an extensive comparison of this awesome health supplement with lots of different alternative health supplements and have ultimately come up with a conclusion that Total Balance comes up being the Best in terms of QUALITY as well as THE PRICE. You can be rest assured about this product as we have personal experience of using it for more than 4 years.

Although we are very satisfied with Total Balance in all regards, we would certainly recommend that you ought to consult your physician before taking this health supplement and get rid of even that .999% of doubt that may still persist. If you really want to make some productive changes in your health and want to lead a youthful life Total Balance is the right choice for you. Avail of the special schemes that is valid only for a limited period and for limited customers and you can be one of them. Hurry! before it gets late after all “Health is Wealth”.

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